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To the Senior on Their Last

graduationTo the Senior on their last,

As I lounge in my college dorm room reflecting on the last three years of my life, mostly spent in the very room in which I now write, I can’t help but let the memories flood into my scattered and disorganized thoughts. And I can’t help but to wonder what the last year of “lasts” will hold for us.

If you who are reading this have any similarities to myself and my own college experience, you would agree that the last three years have been a consolidated mess of a whole host of adjectives that basically sum up to mean “good” and “bad.” Life has been hard, school has been a mess, friends have come and gone, and I’ve been repetitively broken and humbled and redeemed by the grace of Jesus Christ.

But regardless of my desire to be out of this place and off this campus I can’t shake the sinking feeling for everything that passes as my last. The first last week of classes have come and gone and this is officially the beginning of the end for us.

Remember the things that have been good: Remember the friends; remember those who were on your intramural teams, those you played ultimate frisbee with in the quad, those in your lab groups and study groups, remember who you ate lunch with and who you went to the games with.

But also remember the not so great things; the failed tests, the roles you didn’t get, sleeping in through your final, losing your student ID card, the parking tickets, the caf food,  walking to class in the rain… Because these things actually become the great things about college. In 10 years we’ll be sitting at the adult table at Buffalo Wild Wings reminiscing about “the good old days” and these are the moments we’re going to talk about.

And so to the senior on their last, I write this: The things that you have loved and the things that have driven you are coming to an unavoidable end. The games under the lights and the after parties. Sunday night study sessions and Sunday night study breaks. Late night quiet-hour-rule-breaking jamming out to Back Street Boys dance parties and late night pillow talks. We knew these last days were inevitable and we knew they would come but somehow we didn’t know it would be now. The seniors before us always said “It really flies,” but we never believed them. But now here we are, desperately soaking in every moment because it’s nearly over.

So cheers to those of us on our last lap. We’ve almost made it, we’re almost done. But let’s not get so caught up in it that we miss the importance of this last year. Make new friends and make new memories. Everyone always tells us that our college years are our best years. One day very soon we’ll be telling that to those behind us, so let’s live in the moment and take this one step at a time. This last year of “lasts” has a lot to teach us and we still have a lot to learn.

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