Poetry for the Christian Heart

Forgive This Hurt

I wish you would have said something before
It escalated to this point we’re at.
If only I’d have known your heart at war
I might’ve been able to help combat.
Alas I knew no thing at all was wrong
You left me thinking all was well with you.
So with normality I went along
And all the while inside you anger brewed.
Your expectation of me was too high
Just like my expectations are of you.
I will mess up no matter how I try.
I will fall short, but this I think you knew.
The roots of this grow deep and they spread wide,
But what it’s rooted in I could not find-
I looked and thought and searched and tried and tried.
I just don’t know what is inside your mind.
It is irrelevant what I should think,
For this is yours to bear. But don’t forget
I hurt with you- each day brings on new sting.
I know it’s not my place to say “don’t quit,”
But I will say it anyway. Stand firm,
Press on, have grace, forgive often and well.
My prayer for all of this is that you learn
Of God’s great peace and his unfailing will.
My friend, I ask that in your heart you search
And find somewhere hidden among the pain,
Capacity in forgiving this hurt
Which I have no doubt caused you to constrain.
Regret like this before I’ve never felt.
I wish I would have known the pain I caused,
It could have then been stopped and even dealt
Before this point, before it all was lost.
I wish you would have said something before
Forgiveness wasn’t an option anymore.



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