Worthy of Love

Insecure though you may be,
Set your gaze on only me.
Falter my love for you does not,
So much so that your life I bought.
Compassionate and abounding in grace I AM.
I, the Lion, love you, the lamb.
Of knowledge, you are limited to what is finite,
But trust me child, it will be alright.

To you I make this unyielding promise,
You will never know how deep my love is.
My plan for you is designed intrinsically,
And I have made you wonderfully and flawlessly.
Apart from me you are undeserving,
But with me, you’re worthy of love’s great blessing.
Don’t take to heart the enemy’s lies,
Instead give them to me, I hear your cries.

Don’t talk, just listen.
For you I have died and risen.
What more do you need to see
But this love that’s clothed in majesty?
Beloved, your insecurities are lies from Hell.
On these things, do not dwell.
When you are caught in lies look above,
And I will remind you: you are worthy of love.

Look above (2)


10 thoughts on “Worthy of Love

  1. Beautifully written! I must say that initially when I read the “lion and lamb” reference my thoughts immidietly went to Twilight lol. But it made sense after reading further. I really like your writing style. Keep writing!

    Liked by 1 person

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