About Me

This blog is where I jot down my thoughts and concerns, often times about daily life and those I come into contact with on a very regular basis. None of my friends are aware of the existence of this blog (even as I type this, one of my very best friends is sitting next to me oblivious that I am even writing about her). And I have found that this is a very freeing thing. I own something that no one knows about and I can express my thoughts truthfully, freely, and without fear of persecution or judgement.

A large part of my life was spent on the soccer field, I captained my team at a University in Northwest Arkansas. Now, I am an officer in the United States Army where I captain my troops as a Second Lieutenant.

Additionally, and most importantly, I am a sinner who is saved and redeemed by the grace of the Lord who sent His son to die for me, and many of my posts are tied to this passion that I have for my redeemer.