Random Thoughts

her mighty, the upatoi

The mighty Upatoi stands a sight For every warrior to behold.  Her lofty banks and subtle creeks Stand firm from forever days of old.  Unrelenting, total pursuit To flow from East to West.  Her banks flow to chasms  None dare ever attest.  Victoriously persistent  Around barriers she is.  Every obstacle in her path  Is a… Continue reading her mighty, the upatoi

Random Thoughts

His Thoughts

"What if I love her?!" He exclaimed, finally exasperated from the entirety of our conversation. There was a beat as I gradually recognized the weight in his question. "Do you?" I asked, my voice squeaking in an accidental whisper. My question hung in the night's muggy air as he searched his heart for answers and… Continue reading His Thoughts

Jesus Thoughts

believers don’t know how to pray

We place our focal point of prayer widely on the external avenues of our life and seldom on the internal avenues of our hearts. We've accustomized ourselves to a watered-down version of prayer that seeks promotions and safe travel instead of softened hearts and humility. Why? It simply comes down to our capacity of awareness.… Continue reading believers don’t know how to pray