Poetry for the Christian Heart

Forgive This Hurt

I wish you would have said something before It escalated to this point we're at. If only I'd have known your heart at war I might've been able to help combat. Alas I knew no thing at all was wrong You left me thinking all was well with you. So with normality I went along… Continue reading Forgive This Hurt

Random Thoughts

An Open Letter to my Best Friend’s Future Husband

Dear man who thinks he's good enough for my best friend, You're not. But if you insist, there are a few things you need to be made very aware of before you steal my best friend. First off, you need to know that I loved her first- before you were even in the picture. We… Continue reading An Open Letter to my Best Friend’s Future Husband

Random Thoughts

To the Senior on Their Last

To the Senior on their last, As I lounge in my college dorm room reflecting on the last three years of my life, mostly spent in the very room in which I now write, I can't help but let the memories flood into my scattered and disorganized thoughts. And I can't help but to wonder… Continue reading To the Senior on Their Last