Random Thoughts

Gentle Whispers

Rain was forced horizontal by the raging wind as it beat against the mountainous rocks. Claps of thunder broke across the sky like cannonade in the night and the lightning split through the ominous clouds in indomitable purple streaks. The wind whipped through the mountain like a ravaging beast and hammered violently against the foliage, threatening to uproot its hold.… Continue reading Gentle Whispers

Random Thoughts

Hope in the Fragile

He sat on the ledge, swinging his legs rhythmically back and forth. His hands were fiddling with his hat, which he held in his lap. An elderly man approached him timidly from the rear and sat quietly next to him. He took off his own hat and held it in his lap, slowly turning it around… Continue reading Hope in the Fragile

Random Thoughts

Eternal Perspective

The most powerful thing that ever happened in my college soccer career came out of a knee injury. In the last exhibition game before the regular season began I partially tore my MCL. It wasn't a full tear, but one that took me out of my entire senior season nonetheless. This idea of an injury turning into a powerful, life changing thing is… Continue reading Eternal Perspective

Poetry for the Christian Heart

Walnut Tree

My favorite tree is a Walnut Tree. Their leaves are small and round and they fan out along the length of each branch. The gray bark of their trunks lay in vertical elongated rows that overlap one another. They selfishly soak up the sun’s light and reflect a warm, bright green color. Their bitter citrusy scent propagates… Continue reading Walnut Tree

Random Thoughts

7 Titles I wish I Could put Stories To

If Death Could Talk Death has such a bad rap for some reason... What if the personified version of death could defend himself? When You Stand in the Clouds -I have no idea how one could stand in the clouds, considering the actual consistency of clouds... To Stop For a Picture -We live in a society… Continue reading 7 Titles I wish I Could put Stories To

Random Thoughts

The Underground Woman

The Underground Woman I am an arrogant woman… I am snide and pretentious. I am manipulative and malevolent. I seek joy in the demise of a number of individuals in my life. I appreciate their failure… and yet again, I envy their agony. I abstain from friendships- not because I cannot maintain them, rather I… Continue reading The Underground Woman

Random Thoughts

To Have Passion

Passion. So much is encased in the seven letters that make up this word. Its meaning is both delicate and coarse. It is an intense feeling of uncontrollable compelling. It's a force that is irresistible and also completely irrational. Passion is intangible and unexplainable except through comparison. Passion is the means by which we live. Passion is everywhere if… Continue reading To Have Passion

Every November Day

Breaking Down Barriers

In January of 2014 I was blessed with the opportunity to travel to Rio De Janiero, Brazil with my college soccer teammates. We were in the air as 2013 changed to 2014 and we were probably somewhere in between watching She's the Man and trying to find a sleepable position on our 12 hour flight.… Continue reading Breaking Down Barriers


Proprietary Eponyms and How They Ruin Your Life

First off, I would like to clearly define what a proprietary eponym is. According to the accredited source of Wikitionary.com (which is apparently Wikipedia's version of a dictionary) a proprietary eponym is "a brand name or trademark of a successful product, that has come into general use to refer to the generic class of objects… Continue reading Proprietary Eponyms and How They Ruin Your Life