Saturday We Graduate


Three days from graduation. My black gown is hanging on the door of my room and my cap and tassel are sitting on the floor where a table used to be before I moved all of my things out. I can’t help but take a deep breath and let it out slowly as I think about the four years spent in this place.

Four years of classes, four years of finals, four years of friends, four years of sports, four years of dorm-life, four years of caf food, and four years of the best days of my life.

I’m not a math major, but I did some math. In four years of college, here’s what has happened:

Hours spent in class: 4,780
Money spent on coffee: $376
Intramural record: 42 – 35
Intramural Championships: 2
Meals in the cafeteria: 415
Finals taken: 45
Roommates: 5
Parking tickets: $120
Episodes watched on Netflix: 949
Total pages written (double-spaced, Times New Roman): 142*
Money spent on Textbooks: $417 (Thank you Chegg)
Wedding invitations: 21
Times being a Bridesmaid: 5

*This number only reflects Junior and Senior year. I lost the records for papers I have written in freshman and sophomore year.

Yes, I legitimately took the time to add up these numbers as accurately as possible. Coffee expenditure was an estimation, but everything else is an exact calculation! Can you tell I’m procrastinating from preparing for my last final in the morning?

To all of you who are preparing to graduate, best of luck in the workforce, graduate school, marriage, or whatever else you may be about to embark on! CLASS OF 2017 let’s change the world.


4 thoughts on “Saturday We Graduate

  1. Congregations!!
    I’m too preparing to graduate in like 2 months😁😁
    I’ve started to feel like I’m going to be launched into space !! The expectation of a life outside class is Both exciting and scary!!

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