Random Thoughts


I’m in between classes at my small, liberal arts university in Northwest Arkansas. I sat down, turned on some Hillsong on Spotify, and began to start my daily time with the Lord. I opened my Bible and turned to Psalm 112 and began to read my one Psalm per day, which I’ve done the previous 111 days.

My routine is the same, I read a chapter and if a verse sticks out, I underline it and write it down in my journal and my prayer, which I journal out, will revolve at least partially around the verse.

Today as I was reading, verse 7 really stood out and so I underlined it and jotted it down. And then I glanced up to the date, and I noticed a striking similarity.

Psalm 112:7
January 1.12.17

And it was one of those really cool moments where you get to see the Lord reveal Himself in the most simple and unique of ways. One of those things that you find amazing but when you text your best friend a picture, she responds with “oh cool.” It’s something between you and the Lord and no one can truly grasp the significance of that except you and you alone.

But this is how the Lord reveals himself sometimes. In the gentlest of whispers. A small reminder of his greatness and splendor and only I can experience His love in this small, insignificant, huge, significant way.

And for this significant insignificance I am so grateful, because God is good and faithful and when you ask Him to reveal himself, he will be faithful to do just that- even if it’s in the date and a verse and it is only meaningful to you. But you know what- sometimes the most meaningful things are those things that only you and the Lord can understand.


“He will have no fear of bad news; his hear is steadfast, trusting in the Lord.”

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