Random Thoughts

7 Titles I wish I Could put Stories To

  • If Death Could Talk
    Death has such a bad rap for some reason… What if the personified version of death could defend himself?
  • When You Stand in the Clouds
    -I have no idea how one could stand in the clouds, considering the actual consistency of clouds…
  • To Stop For a Picture
    -We live in a society wrapped up in taking care of ourselves with little regard for others wants or needs. But for some odd reason in our culture even the most egotistical human will stop mid-step to avoid ruining a picture.
  • When Avoiding the Romans, Don’t go to Rome
    -We often hear the phrase “When in Rome, do as the Roman’s do,” but for some reason the former phrase seems like it could have so much more significant meaning.
  • The In Between Moments
    -We always read and write about the big moments of life. The births, the deaths… You get the story of the sandwich- how the peanut butter was spread on either piece of bread and which type of jelly was used… But what about the in between moments- the peanut butter jar had to be opened before it could be spread- you know?
  • Things Every Christian College Student Needs to Do
    -I always see cool blog posts titled “Things Every _ _ _ Should Do,” and I have a low-key desire to write one. But for this topic I really just want to emphasize the thought that everyone should work at a church camp. However I have absolutely no other points to address in said potential post…
  • Standing Under the Walnut Trees
    -I love walnut trees and no one understands. Granted, it is an odd thing to love- I understand this. So to put into words in an accurate and detailed way that other people could read and understand would be ideal.

The Poetry of List-Making



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