All That and Who You Are

I’m blessed by your friendship-
All that and who you are.
I don’t know where you’re going,
But I know that you’ll go far.

Your compassion so rare,
It’s amazing to see.
I’ve been incredibly blessed
That you would even know me.

The more I see your heart,
the more I see the Lord.
God has used you- His vessel,
Through you His love has outpoured.

You have blown me away
Ten-thousand times and more
With your compassion and heart
And against spiritual war.

As you go your own way
And as I go on mine,
I pray you will remember
How you let God’s light shine [Mat 5:16]

The fight you are fighting
[is] A magnificent fight-
The Lord will go before you
And keep you rooted in light [Eph 5:8].

How exact are his plans [Eph 2:10]
Written with you in mind.
They will not fail because they’re
So intrinsically designed.

Commit your work to God [Prov 16:3]
And your plans will succeed.
Your life has immense purpose [Exod 9:16]
Great acts you are sure to lead.

God has made you perfect [Matt 5:8]
Don’t change a single thing.
Let the Lord use your talents
In how you dance, act, and sing.

You’ve been given these gifts [1 Pet 4:10]
Which He intends to use.
So submit them to the Lord
And He’ll bless the path you choose [Prov 3:5-6]

When you get discouraged
And cannot see God’s plan,
Know that He established it
Before time even began [Jere 1:5].

Your road won’t be painless,
In fact it will be tough.
But rest assured in His peace [Psa 4:8]
Because His strength is enough [2 Cor 12:9]

God has been so faithful
To send a friend like you.
A friend who knows me better
Sometimes than even I do.

It hasn’t been perfect,
We have been through a lot.
But God placed you in my life
And did so with great thought.

What an honor it’s been
To stand on stage with you-
With such a woman of God
To share His story of truth.

I don’t know how
Or what or why or when,
But somewhere along the way
You’ve become my best friend.

I’ll miss our late night talks
And midnight cereal runs.
I’ll miss jamming out to songs
And shooting you with blaster guns.

But more than all of that,
I’ll really just miss you.
I’ll miss your laugh (and your snort)
Your facial expressions too.

I’ll miss seeing your face
And I’ll miss hearing your voice.
But know that it’s not over–
At least not if it’s my choice.

It’s unlucky for you,
But something you must know…
You’re officially stuck with me,
No matter how far you go.





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