Random Thoughts

To Have Passion

Passion. So much is encased in the seven letters that make up this word. Its meaning is both delicate and coarse. It is an intense feeling of uncontrollable compelling. It’s a force that is irresistible and also completely irrational. Passion is intangible and unexplainable except through comparison. Passion is the means by which we live.

Passion is everywhere if only one would look. Passion is seen in the stroke of a pen, in the huddle of a team, and in the choreography of a routine. Passion is heard in the strum of a chord, in the roar of a crowd, and in the harmony of an orchestra. Passion is all around- in artists and dancers and musicians and athletes and actors and authors and doctors. It lies in lawyers and politicians and preachers and soldiers and teachers and coaches. Passion invades the hearts of every man- garbage man, mail man, business man, and handy man alike.

To be so emotionally involved in something should it fail or end or be destroyed or taken away, you can not sleep or think or breathe- that is passion. Passion has an intense hold on the deepest root of your innermost being. Passion, like matter, cannot be created nor destroyed. Passion is found. It is instilled through commitment and dedication and work. It is found in big things and it is found in small things. It is found in what a man decides he cannot live apart from.

Passion is the unbearable and uncontainable energy that radiates from your bones. It is the outcry of your mind and the outflow of your heart. It does not so easily come nor so easily pass. It entangles and dishevels and hurts. But passion… It is a silhouette of our lives, igniting our rear and lighting our path. Passion, at its infrastructural root is the irrational force that guides our character. It guides our lives.

Passion. So much encased in a seven letter word.



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